Mayan Maybe Not Withstands The Test Of Time

December 16, 2013

Great Basin Brewing Company Unveils A Bold New Beer As Unpredictable As The Apocalypse

RENO, Nev. (Dec. 16, 2013) – The calendar of the ancient Mayans ground to a halt Dec. 21, 2012. While some braced for the end of days, Great Basin Brewing Company tapped a more optimistic view and called it Mayan Maybe? “The last beer we might ever drink better be a damn good one,” Great Basin’s owner and brewmaster Tom Young said of his bold, Old Style Ale. Luckily for humanity, life went on as usual, and the brew born of doomsday predictions survived as well. It returns to select bars and stores this December, reborn under a new name—Mayan Maybe Not—to commemorate the apocalypse that wasn’t.

Even if their calendar ended prematurely, the Mayans did a lot of things right, and every sip of Mayan Maybe Not pays homage to flavors they cultivated. A malty backbone complemented with corn maize, vanilla, cocoa and honey gives the brew a sweet and bitter balance. Habanero peppers add a spicy nip, while smoked malts evoke a sense of timeless mystery in this crafty tribute to what might have been. “Mayan Maybe Not is a toast to both the past and what’s to come,” Young said. “Life may be uncertain, but at Great Basin, we believe you can face pretty much anything if you have a good, strong beer in your hand.” Weighing in at 10.5% A.B.V., Mayan Maybe Not is just such a beer. 

Great Basin Brewing Company will release Mayan Maybe Not on Dec. 21, 2013. Visit its Reno and Sparks brewpubs that day to purchase limited edition 22 oz. bottles, plus free tastings to accompany a special Mayan-inspired entrée. Mayan Maybe Not will also be sold in 22 oz. bottles at select stores starting in late December. 

About Great Basin Brewing Company

Great Basin Brewing Company, Nevada’s oldest and most award-winning brewery, has two restaurant/ brewery locations in Reno and Sparks, Nevada.  Great Basin also features a tasting room at the Taps and Tanks production brewery in Reno. The brewery offers a full menu and a wide variety of beers — four flagship beers and many seasonal brewmaster specials, many having won awards at the most prestigious Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. For more information about Great Basin Brewing Company, visit