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Feast Among the Yeast

November 16, 2011

Locals Flock to “Feast Among the Yeast”A Monthly Dinner with the Brewer - in the Brewery - at Great Basin Brewing Company

RENO, Nev. (November 16, 2011) – For those who think beer is second to wine in complexity and sophistication, think again. Nevada’s oldest operating and most award-winning brewery, Great Basin Brewing Company, with locations in Reno and Sparks, is dispelling that myth with their monthly Feast Among the Yeast – a private dinner with the brewers, in the heart of the brewery, served in a white-tablecloth setting and nestled among massive steel tanks full of hundreds of gallons of fermenting beer.

“We are on a mission to redefine how people perceive beer. Our Feast Among the Yeast is our effort to show guests that beer can provide some truly perfect pairings to a more upscale menu,” says Tom Young, owner of Great Basin

Brewing Company. “Wine snobs have a strict dress code involving turtlenecks, glasses designed to sit on the end of one's nose and silk scarves. The dress code for this event is casual and participants can pretty much dress any way

they like. Although the temperature in the brewery is lower than in the restaurant. So, bring your closest friends, a healthy appetite, and maybe a sweater.”

With multiple courses of handcrafted cuisine and carefully selected beer pairings, the Feast Among the Yeast treats diners to a truly unique culinary experience. Beginning with an exclusive tour of the brewery and explanation of the brewing process, brewers provide a brief history of beer, including some interesting but not widely known facts of its origins in Mesopotamia, and how ancient recipes were once documented.

Diners are then invited to take a seat at a long, elegantly dressed table for the five-course meal, which is unique to each party, relying largely on the seasonality of both fare and brews alike. However, one of the courses will always feature Great Basin Brewing Company’s signature “Wine vs. Beer Challenge” where diners are asked to pit beer against wine in the ultimate test of pairings with a series of imported artisan cheeses. In their quest to determine which beverage brings out the best of the Smoked Gouda, diners confront their own perceptions about beer and wine, while discussing public opinion and social inequities between the two.

Finishing off the experience, a tray of Great Basin Floatinis are served in chilled martini glasses, featuring a handcrafted brew with ice cream and a float of liquor, topped with a cherry – a final testament to the versatility of beer in the culinary world.

Feast Among the Yeast is available the first Wednesday of every month, for groups of 8-10 people at the Reno location. Reservations are required.

About Great Basin Brewing Company

Great Basin Brewing Company, Nevada’s oldest and most award-winning brewery, has two restaurant/ brewery locations in Reno and Sparks, Nevada.  Great Basin also features a tasting room at the Taps and Tanks production brewery in Reno. The brewery offers a full menu and a wide variety of beers — four flagship beers and many seasonal brewmaster specials, many having won awards at the most prestigious Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. For more information about Great Basin Brewing Company, visit greatbasinbrewingco.com.